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How do I find products?

Within the on-line shop you can find products a number of different ways:

  • By Category
    Products are arranged into categories (e.g. Prosthetics, Burrs and Cutters), which you can look through by either clicking on the left hand menu, or using the browse by category bar on the top of the webpage.
  • Using 'Narrow your search' (located in the right hand bar in the on-line shop)
    To specify exactly what products you are looking for use the 'narrow your search' option, allowing you to choose a product category e.g. Dental Alloys, then select from a range of drop down menus, type e.g. Non Precious Alloy.
  • Product search
    An alternative to this is to simply type the name of the item you are looking for into the product search box.
  • Product Code
    Already know the product code of the item? Simply enter the product code to go direct to the product you are looking for.
  • Last 10 items viewed
    The last ten items you viewed are listed in the left hand menu.
  • Your Top 10 items
    If you have already shopped with www.cooksongold.com before, your top 10 items are display in the right hand menu.
  • Sorting your results
    Once you have selected your product you can then sort the results by selecting the ´rder by´drop down box (located just above the products). Sort your results by most popular products, product code, highest price, and lowest price.
  • Number of product per page
    At the bottom of the product list you can select how many products can be viewed per page 10, 25, or 50.

How do I add items to my basket?

You can add product to basket direct from your 'search result' by simply typing the quantity, and clicking the green tick button.

Or alternatively click on the product description to reach the product detail screen, simply enter the quantity / dimensions, click update and then add to basket.

How do I see the price for dental alloys?

You will need to be logged into your account before seeing any prices for dental alloys.

To view a price on our dental alloys you will need to enter the weight you require. Once done if you click update, you will see the value of the dental alloy.

How do I return items?

Please return products to : The Dental Returns Department, Cookson Precious Metals, 59 - 83 Vittoria Street, Birmingham, B1 3NZ

Returned goods will be credited if returned in their original condition, with the original invoice.

Goods accepted for return will be credited at the price on the date of invoice.

Goods returned for credit that were correctly supplied, will be subject to a handling charge.

Sorry, but we are unable to cover the cost of return postage except where items are faulty or have been sent in error.

How can I re-order a previous basket?

When you are logged into your account, the current basket will have any items you have added previously. You can then carry on adding items to this basket or ordering via checkout.

If you want to start a new basket, please click on the 'your account' tab. From the following menu select 'start a new basket'. This will save any items currently in your basket and start a brand new basket.

If you want to order/ re-order from any previous baskets, from the menu on 'your account', select 'previous baskets'. From the next menu, you will be able to view all previous baskets, simply select on any of your previous baskets to re-order.

Please note the prices in the basket will be updated to include the current metal price.

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