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Heimerle + Meule were founded in 1845 with headquarters in Pforzheim. Since 1960 the company has been part of L. Possehl Group located in Lübeck.

Heimerle + Meule are the precious metal expert in recovery and separation of precious metal materials. Furthermore is a leading manufacturer of precious metal products, the company offers high quality materials and semi finished products for the jewellery, wedding rings, electrical, electronics and dental industry.

They acquired Cookson Precious Metals in 2013 a company who are significant suppliers for the European jewellery, wedding rings and dental Industry, and also have a considerable precious metal recycling facility.

As an integral part of the group, Cookson Precious Metals is dedicated to supplying the highest quality products and services to the Dental Market via its trading entity “Cookson Dental”.

In adopting and maintaining this philosophy, we must ensure that employees adhere to the procedures and systems in place. We must review and update all requirements in documentation, systems and processes as required under the quality and international standards as they apply to Dental Materials. We must also operate an ongoing cycle of continual improvement to ensure we meet the requirements of our customers.



As the Management Representative identified in section 1.2.3, I hereby authorise this manual and quality System as being suitable for covering materials and devices supplied by Cookson Precious Metals Ltd via its trading entity Cookson Dental to the Dental market.

Signed.     Signature


Dated.         17.02.15



Cookson Dental set out and strives to achieve standards of quality that ensure consistent, accurate and effective supply of dental materials in accordance with the wishes of our dental customers and also in line with International Standards where applicable.


            The quality process has been adopted throughout the company by the adherence to 4         “Golden Rules”


            We will ensure customers receive an Accurate, Efficient and prompt Delivery.

            This is measured each month under KPI’s for late orders versus total processed.


Quality is the cornerstone of our business. We strive to achieve a cycle of ongoing improvement to meet customer needs. Feedback is obtained via customer visits, calls, exhibitions and surveys.

            PRODUCT RANGE

We will continuously update and tailor our range to meet the requirements of our customers. New products may be introduced as identified by customer feedback or market segment requirements.


            We will develop personal relationships with our customers. We aim to develop close          relationships with our customers to best understand and serve their requirements.

A customer satisfaction survey will be conducted at a minimum of once per year with feedback assisting with post market surveillance and with evaluating service levels.


Cookson Dental supplied a wide range of products to dental laboratories and International distributors.

Such products include: -   Alloys manufactured on site

                                          Subcontracted manufacture

                                          Purchased and re branded products

The scope of the Cookson Dental Quality Manual includes the design, production, purchasing, stocking and packaging of materials at Birmingham.

Cookson Precious Metals Ltd has appointed the Business Manager to be responsible for the operation of the system, but the effective implementation of the Quality Policy as applied to Cookson Dental’s range of products requires the full support and co-operation of all employees involved in the supply or manufacturing chain.

All personnel are expected to use and adhere to the relevant procedures as defined either within process manuals or via system (AS400) generated procedures and to identify and address any deviations or changes in quality.


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